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For Sale Estes #0868 Big Yank model sealed

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Jan 19, 2009
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Hi all! Am trying to thin out my collection a bit...too many kits that I won't be able to get to.

Selling an Estes #0868 Big Yank kit, was available in '84 and '85 catalogs...kind of like a larger model of the classic Yankee as the name implies :) Finished model is 26" tall, BT-20 based, and flies on 18mm motors.

The kit is sealed, unopened and is in fantastic shape for a kit that's nearly 40 years old. All parts are in great shape and ready to build.

- Over Two Feet Tall
- Easy to Build
- Reliable 30" Streamer Recovery
- Plastic Nose Cone
- Quick Release Engine Mount

Asking $40 well packed and shipped within the CONUS.

Please DM to if you're interested - I accept PayPal, Venmo, and most other common methods.

Thanks for checking this one out!


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Hi all -

This is a pretty rare kit from the 80’s…still available and would love to be part of your fleet.

Price reduced to $35 shipped in CONUS…
This one is still available - reduced to $30 shipped in CONUS. Thanks for looking!