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Jun 27, 2004
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OK! We are making our last push towards raising money for this year's TARC! Edmond's kits will be 25% off! View them here! Come on everyone, get one of these awesome rocket gliders...I promise you will be glad you did!! Help support our team!!:) :)
Is that 25% off the price listed at the site, or is the price listed there reflecting the discount?

25% off price listed. When you pay with paypal, we will refund 25% of the purchase.
I just ordered two rockets from the web site. I'll let you know how it turns out! The pictures look cool at least. :)

Your order was recieved and your refund processed. The Deltie Airshow will ship immediately, and the Ecee Thunder will ship in about 2 weeks. We sold the last one at a launch, and we will ship it as soon as we get it. Sorry.We will send you a small gift for our delay.
I would like to announce that all Fliskits are in stock, and they are 15% off.
Great! I like gifts. ;) It only took about 30 minutes for PayPal to email me that the 25% had been refunded already. So now everyone else can go ahead and make their purchases (unsolicited plug :D )

Mmm, that Ecee Thunder's calling me. I'll REALLY think about placing an order :)
BTW, If we do not have the Edmonds kits you want in stock, I will order them and have them sent directly to your house ASAP. The discount applies to this also!!

I just ordered 2 gliders... I promise to take better care of these...LOL...!!!
Just to let you all know, this sale will only last for a little more then a week from now!!
Just reporting back in to let everyone know that both the Deltie Airshow and the Ecee Thunder arrived and both look great. The Thunder was even bigger than I expected.

BTW, this sale ends Tuesday, so come on everyone, get one of these awesome gliders for an incredible price and also support my desperately in need team!!!:)
OK, I know that my sig says yesterday was the last day, but today is...Come and get 'em!! Help us out!