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Oct 12, 2009
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OK, I just had the opportunity to buy some spray paint very cheap. But I haven't yet because of a term on the out side of the can.

Alkyd Enamel

What does this mean?

The brand is ICI and it is Habitat for Humanity that is selling it at a bargin price of 99 cents a can. And besides that it will help Habitat.

Is this something I would use on my rockets or should I pass. Most of the cans say 35% more free.

Andrew From Texas
See the "New Krylon" threads. That alkyd enamel is the same formulation as new krylon.
Yea, I goggled it but since I am not a chemist, I couldn't make much out of it.

As you probably figured, it refers to the chemistry of the paint. Key things to note are that it is very sensitive when it comes to second coats, and drying times are affected greatly be the heaviness of application.

There are those who like that formula and those who don't and it has been discussed a couple of times. I got used to Acrylic Lacquer with the old Krylon formula, but I think more practice will get me better results with the new enamels. Consumer paints are going to the Vinyl Alkyd Enamel formula by EPA recommendation to cut VOC emissions.

Here's one thread dealing with the subject:

Do some testing on some scraps before committing to an entire rocket so you can get the hang of it.

Have fun and feel free to keep asking questions. That's what we hang around here for!

Sorry - I threw out my back while defining the previous word. Doc says that I need to lay off the Merriam-Webster bit for awhile. :rolleyes: :p

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