Decoden - any thoughts on applications for rocketry?

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Apr 30, 2021
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Northern NJ
So I became aware of a product (or product category) that is apparently pretty popular in Japan/Korea called Decoden. Decoden is really about decorating phone cases or other things (part of Gyaru culture) but it uses an interesting glue that looks like icing or whipped cream when it solidifies (the glue is silicone and/or resin based - some different formulations are out there but one includes: Water, Emulsifier, Water-based Resin). It air dries over a few days (some versions remain pliable and others are hard). When decorating phones, charms, beads, rhinestones, etc... are stuck in the glue.

This is definitely different (more Kawai) than most of the rocketry projects I see (I want to say "more girly" but there is probably a more PC way to say that) -- although if anyone has a granddaughter I bet they would love to decorate a rocket like this - probably a bit heavy to put on fins and a bit too draggy for nosecones but a cake rocket would probably be a crowd pleaser.

Anyway, I was trying to think of applications for the whipped cream glue in rocketry. for example, it might make good fillets. It is somewhat flexible and not as heavy as clay but heavier than foam. I don't know how workable it is or how fast it cures (dry to touch overnight at least) since I only saw a phone case that was already decorated. I may try to get my hands on some and see how it works, if it fills molds, etc...

Here are what the final products look like:


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like you said, non structural fillets was the first thing that came to my mind. It must be pretty hard and stick well to survive on a phone case, if it will bond to plastic nosecones it could make for a way to add mass. Ex. squeeze some into the nosecone and use a dowel to pack it down at the tip, maybe mix it with something like lead shot.