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Nov 8, 2019
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Hello! I purchased an Estes Titan IIIe from eBay a few years ago, and I recently started building it. The build was going swimmingly.
(The kit includes decals for the black stripes on the boosters, but I painted them on instead.) I tried to apply the remaining decals today, but unfortunately they crumbled into pieces. I'm reading that you can buy decal paper to run through a laser printer. I'm wondering if I can find someone to make the decals for me. Advice?
@Dissonance, I have used both of these companies and can't say enough good about them and the quality of their decals. The vinyl ones from Stickershock are VERY well done and are not as thick as you might think. I was surprised when I did my first of many sets. The Tango Papa decals from CMR are excellent quality too. You wouldn't go wrong with either one. The Stickershock ones use metallic ink and would probably give you a more impressive presentation. The Tango Papa decals look like they use yellow for the parts that should be copper colored.
The decal scans are on the JimZ website: printed decals can be done on either an inkjet or laser printer.
It's not hard to do, and decal paper is a lot less expensive than a custom vinyl decal.
Amazon has several brands of decal paper in clear or white and for inkjet or laser printers.
I have migrated to laser printing because I got tired of clear coating the output from inkjet printers.