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Jan 18, 2009
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I have never used future but I am going to use it on my Quest X 15. The black paint just isn't glossy enough. Do you put the decals on first then Future or Future then the decals?
Decals go on first . I wait aleast two days then apply Future.

I have done it both ways with great success; Future, then decals, then more Future. Decals go over the Future very nicely especially if your surface was not perfectly smooth to begin with.
the best surface for decals (waterslide or stick on) is as glossy as possible.

after applying the decals..spray with a gloss ,satin or flat clear..that will blend in the decal..achieve the final finish you want... and make you look like a pro..

if you want to use future ..use it as a final's not a great base coat for much else.
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