Decal aplication and touch up on my USS Odyssey

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Jan 17, 2009
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I've applied some decals to my USS Odyssey and apparently I had some areas that were more semi-gloss that gloss, and got silvering / fogging, is their anything I can do? I used Micro Set on the initial application, can I hit it with Micro Sol to get better adhesion and clear the fogging? (I just found the Micro Sol) I believe Scott makes the decals on an ALPS and coats them in the liquid decal film before shipping the kits.
You could apply scotch tape over the decals, pull the tape off taking the decal with it, spray the model with glosscote and apply new decals that I will send you... Thats one option;).
Scott I might just take you up on that, I'll see if I get any other suggestions and I'll test try the Micro Sol, on a small one and let you know. Funny that it is the clear ones giving me a headache and not the gold foil ones which are usually the trouble makers.