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Bobby, I do not believe so. What type of data are you thinking of and for what purpose?
I have a box of reports for the Black Brant from NASA and NRC
Most are of BB2 BB3 BB4 BB5 almost all are photocopies
There is even a report where the BB motors are clustered and staged
to get a vehicle to launch satellites into orbit
Approx weight of all of the reports 30LBs total
Wanted to donate them to a source that would preserve them and offer them for reference
If you have no other options I would step up and digitize them later this fall after I finish a couple projects.
If you want to digitize them let me know later this fall
And i can work something out in getting you the box of reports
I live in NC just off the VA/NC border on interstate 95
I know there are BB fans out there and they would love this stuff
I am only looking for the 4 fin BB2 version.Almost all of the reports are dated in the 1960s