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Jun 27, 2004
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Just a quick update for everyone on our status...As many of you know, we just had a big Edmond's Aerospace sale. We sold quite a few kits. If you were not fortunate enough to take advantage of that offer, keep your eyes peeled, maybe we will have another! We want to thank everyone who supported our TARC team by purchasing one. It really helped us out in a time of need.

But, it was not quite sufficient enough. Our funds are very low, especially considering the new kit ideas that we would love to put into production. We have made some new decisions and ideas...

1. Due to some suggestions, our 29mm Crayon now comes standard with through the wall fins.

2. For a limited time only, our 29mm Crayon now has FREE shipping.

3. Our new kit, the Gamma III Optimized, has been delayed due to some part delays etc. The kit will come with DMB cluster cables and the first 10 purchased will be limited edition payloaders. We would love to have pre-orders(which would include as small of a down-payment as you would like) to help us with the ordering of parts.

4. The Mach Duster we currently have planned has not been lost. We *hope* to get it complete within the next month or two. It WILL be 29mm!

5. Keep on the lookout for our new 7" Crayon. It will begin beta testing soon, along with a 24mm crayon!! :)

6. Last but not least, please consider helping us out here...It is a good cause and I can assure you, you will not regret it.

In fact, I will put free shipping on ALL crayon products and ALL Edmond's Aerospace products. But, hurry up, this will only last for a little while and this is almost sure to be one of the last offers for a while! Come on, give us a try! :) :)

I goT a ? Where are you getting your Crayons? I can find any any where:mad:
Our Toys R Us just keeps on restocking them. The line of 4" crayons will continue as long as we have supply. If you can help with shipping, we can send you one or two.