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Jan 18, 2009
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This thread is for every Crayon owner to post there pics and share there Crayon expertise
a crayon thread:D
here is "Pinky the Flying Crayon" on a H165
Haven't we had this conversation before? maybe not I get lost sometimes;)

Ok where would you like to start?? Micro to Maxi.. Well for me Maxi is 5 D12's:D
I think I have a static photo of another member of our clubs K powered Crayon...It was a beast until a Cato ended its existance:( If I can find it I'll post it after scanning. Chris Kidwell is (was) the builder owner, It's size was interesting.

But I'll start at the other end .. my 8pk of full size 1:1 scale Micro-maxx powered crayons and storage box
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME: This is a picture of my Crayon's maiden voyage powered by a Pro38 I205. hehe The flame is as long as the rocket :cool: (FWIW, I flew it again later that same day on a 2-grain H153.)
2.6" was the next available size at the time in my current fleet. Like Richard I have a few other size Crayon candy packages, pencil sharpeners, and a smaller size crayon bank waiting for a lull in other project:)
here's a picture of the "Mighty Crayon 5" at LUNAR on an F40.

later we did our L1 with this one, on an H97. I have a photo of that but am reluctant to post it because it was taken by a pro photographer - gotta respect the use permissions.
here's a picture of the "Nike Double Crayon", at Dairy Aire a couple weeks ago. it flew three times: first with I161, ho-hum-yawn, only 2500'. then twice on J350s!!!! outta sight!