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bob jablonski

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Jan 30, 2009
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As of May 1st we will be closing out web store and just be a on site vendor an mid west launches so I can relax and dabble in my other passion. Off road motorcycle racing. We have already removed Hazmat shipping. Yhanks to a bug that got our computer and lost the fedex files and since were closing, why re do it.
Mr. Bob
Countyline Hobbies
Adios Mr. Bob ! The Web is a wacky place and 24/7 availability ain't for everybody I guess. If I'm ever in the neighborhood...
Sorry to see you (partially) go, but I noticed the CTI link on your page doesn't seem to be working; are you OOS or is it a bad link?
with the Fedex hazmat app having to get redone instead of redoing it I decided to deleate the motors requiering hazmat on the store, but still have some at the launches I attend.
Glad your staying in biz, also Glad I'm n the same state and I know where your shop is :)!