C'mon Henman!

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Jun 2, 2011
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OK so England got knocked out the footie, now Henman has just got through to the quarter finals of Wimbledon I thought he deserved a thread!

Good luck Tim!
Hahah we suck at football so lets change the sport! Good thinking ;)

Yeah go Henman! Whatever! :)
Heck! Henman better not be in the final!

I'm doing a rocketry display this weekend, at Woodspring Wings near Bristol, and they'll be no-one there if Tim makes it to Sunday!

But, yeah, I would like to see him there...

Originally posted by Damage...
I'm doing a rocketry display this weekend, at Woodspring Wings
When are you 'due on'? I wouldn't mind popping over to watch! :D
Originally posted by Damage...
COOOOLLL avatar by the way!!

LOL, thought you'd like it! Shame it's not real...it's a composite of my VMX on the pad and a shot of the sky.

On at 10:30 and 3:00 both Sat and Sun, providing I get my "launch window" from Bristol Airport. If the airspace is full due to delayed flights coming in, I get delayed - or even grounded.
If you're not working, come and give Pete Davy and me a hand.


Next time you're at SERFs we'll have a go at capturing a real launch - I usually have my Fuji Finepix handy...


Did you see Tim's last match on Monday? How many times did he have match point? In the end I couldn't watch - PAINFUL!

Tims one of the worlds best tennis players.he may not have won a grandslam but he's consistant.I wish the press would'nt put so much pressure on him to win wimbledon every year.