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A picture of the interior. I used some mylar foil to provide a smooth surface for temporarily taping the 300 lb kevlar, so it wouldn't get in the way of the exhaust.

I used an Alps dry transfer printer and 110 lb cardstock for the shroud.
I didn't take any flight photos of my rockets, but other Cato members might have. I'd expect any photos to show up in the launch report for CATO 90 at www.catorockets.org
Hi Micromister,
The scan of the cockpit on the JimZ site had some fuzzy lines--so I decided to replace them with two NAR decals The decal on the other side has my NAR number 80361.

BTW, I remembered to raise the bottom of the rocket about 9 inches from the blast deflector--I heard stories about accidental ignition. Just in case, I made sure that nobody used the adjacent pad. :rolleyes:
I just love flyin the point.. full size and micro size they both get about the same altitude..It's amazing!
Great job on yours by the way. I looks, I don't have the full size canopy wrap with me if you ever decide you'd like to add it just drop me an e-mail I'll send the cleaned up version to you.