Centuri colors?

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May 3, 2011
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I like a lot of the Centuri designs from the old catalogs such as Javelin, Scorpion and AeroDart from the 1965 catalog, but the pictures in those old catalogs are essentially black and white. Some of the black and white images have a little gray in them though. By 1969 the catalogs were printed with black and another color, and some of the models had different "color" schemes. By 1974 they had real color photographs in the catalog but the paint schemes don't match the earlier catalogs.

Is there any information on what the real life colors might have been in 1965 or do we just use our imagination? I was thinking that colors that show up as black in the catalog could be medium colors like red or blue, and what shows up as white would probably be white, or maybe silver.
Yes, that is a difficult thing to research. Like the Snipe Hunter, for example. Is there any true color picture of what the facecards and catalog pictures were based on? I think there were some color photos in a later catalog that had different paint schemes in two of the same model, which just encourages the modeler to be creative and make up their own. Sometimes the instructions have a recommended paint scheme which may or may not match either the catalog or face card.
In 1972 my catalog was mostly colour... Scale birds in scale color, the rest were red white & black some blue and a little gray
Absent more specific information, I have often used the paint selection in the same year's catalog as the most likely palette.