Carbon Laser Loc 313… Yup, Carbon

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This is DupliColor 1K

I typically use SprayMax Crystal 2K but wanted to try something different.

The 1K is good but in no way better. Likely won’t use it again.
This build and its results are so inspirational.

I want to buy a Vulcanite (one of my first HPR's), mimic this carbon application, and call it the Carbonite.

Unfortunately I have far too many projects so the above will have to wait for the distant future. Or, someone else can take it up and make it their reality and I can live vicariously through them! 🙃
thank you for that

kinda crazy but I have a Vulcanite in my LOC "cart" right now and enough carbon left to wrap it...

will see what happens
The video really isnt great. tbh, I debated if I wanted to take a video at all as I knew it wouldn't turn out well.

Have a J1799 for her next. Do not believe I will film that one.

...its a lot more fun to watch them in person compared to watching through my phone.