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Gary Byrum

Overstable By Design
Aug 4, 2011
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Lincolnton NC
Been a busy winter here this year. I have 5 nubies ready for the launch pad and one more on the bench. 1st up is the APRO Lander some of you saw in a build thread that took forever to finish. This proven design is my second go-round with this one and needless to say, 2nd time around involved lessons learned from the 1st build. Main airframe tops to a BT 55, 23" tall and sports a hand turned nose cone.

APRO Lander.jpg

The mini 2 stage model here is Joy Toy. I have never built one where the 1st stage was made entirely out of a boat tail. This is a mini engine model sporting 2 ping balls where the upper lug is embedded in the balls. Airframe is BT 50 and 17" tall

Joy Toy.jpg

The Windjammer is a bigger 2 stage job that will power with 29mm BP motors.
This is a really old design I did back 30 some years ago, or so, that got scaled up in a much bigger way. Airframe is BT 60 w/ BT 70 payload, 52" tall and sports a hand turned nose cone.

Windjammer 1.jpg

I like some of the Thrustline models and decided my second build from them would be this upscale version of the Duster. There's nothing really special about it except for the head-achy split fins. OH...and some of Stickershock's handy work. This has a BT 60 airframe, 49" tall and also sports a hand turned nose cone.


Last in this list is a Custom Alpha. There's not much "Astron" about this upscale except for the single colored fin and accompanying single stripe up the airframe. This is in honor of the 50th anniversary for the Alpha. It's sporting a tail cone and some custom vinyl applications I made myself. (sorry Mark, I bought me a plotter) This bird has a BT 70 airframe, 28" tall. And as you might have guessed already...a hand turned nose cone.

Alpha 2.jpg Alpha.jpg Alpha 1.jpg

See ya on the sods!
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Great collection, I love 'em all.

Joy Toy is *very* cute.
Thanks. It had some interesting differences. The embedded LL was a first for me. I never figured on carving a slot in the pings for the lug until I had it assembled. Then me and Mr Dremel had a go with it. I don't think I did too bad on my Bondo job either. It was one of those "off the hip" ideas that worked out.

The other lug is on the 1st stage fin. The boat tail was not an option. This primed shot is the most revealing 'nook-n-cranny' pic.