blacksky AltAcc2A Software Upgrade?

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Feb 2, 2004
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The floppy disks with the Flight Analyzer software on them provided with my Altacc 2A do not work. My last set would load but not work with WinXP but I had found a download on the internet that would work. Maybe an upgrade. These disks seem damaged. The thing is, I can't find the download link again.

Can someone please provide a download link to the Blacksky Flight Analyzer software.

Thanks in advance.
Actually, I just found the link on but for some reason the link wont let me open it. It won't let me register as a member either. Is it a website problem or my a problem on my end?
Back home and where the software is installed, finally. Good data actually.

Configured the COMM port, all is well, but we are not happy with Altacc's.

Buying the competition and moving on.