Apogee shows mobile site on Chrome?

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Jul 14, 2015
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Northern NJ
This is really annoying.

On Chrome on my PC, Apogee's website is coming up as the mobile site, which looks ridiculous on my 27" monitor. I've cleared the cookies and cache, done a hard reload, everything I could think of. Firefox and IE work fine. I am stumped. Anyone else seen this and/or have a solution?
I just tried it, looks ok to me. Make sure you don't have a mobile link, some sites have a /m/ in the URL, or m. at the beginning. There's usually a link at the bottom of a mobile version to display the "real" version as well. I hate sites that don't do that. I often want the full version on my phone as many mobile versions are very poor. You might also check user agent, make sure that you or some app hasn't changed it on your Chrome install.
Argh. Never mind. PEBKAC.

For some reason I had the zoom set to 500%. Because the site is responsive it ended up giving me what looked like the mobile version, although gigantic. I thought I had made sure the zoom was at 100% but I used the wrong keyboard shortcut so it had done nothing.

Always thrilled to reveal my stupidity.