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May 17, 2017
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I don't normally photograph my rockets, but I have a feeling I won't see this one again. Question, do I really want to use just a streamer? I did the accordion fold to 80% of it, but I am considering putting in a 9" parachute instead. I will be using Apogee's F10-8, maybe even a G77.
What's it weigh, all up sans motor? How much do you think it will weigh after burnout?

Maybe a tiny x-form, but a chute of any appreciable size is going to stay up 3+mins and drift far, far away.
I would recommend against the streamer. I flew mine on Estes E16-7 a couple of times and it comes down nearly as fast as it went up. The long body tube and small fins are quite aerodynamic as they fall. I believe the rocket disturbs the air going past the streamer causing little drag. It damaged the papered fins both flights. I put a 9" chute on it and launched on a Estes F15-8 and it was nearly lost. The nose cone broke at the shock cord attachment and was lost.
I don't own a scale, yet. It is among the very lightest rockets I own. My fins aren't papered, but they are CA sealed. From the sounds of it, I will either lose it on impact or to the wild blue yonder either way. My plan is to launch it over the holiday weekend, weather permitting.
A Mylar streamer would be a good choice. They are highly reflective so you see flashes of light when sunlight hits it just right.
I am pretty sure the streamer it came with is Mylar. I guess I will skip the parachute. A broken fin or two is better than no rocket at all.
The stock steamer is small and Mylar. I went with a 3" x 30" Mylar in red and it was better. I rolled mine. An folded one might be better.
A moment of silence to the Aspire, lost in the void. Flew great though. I saw it come down some where in a corn field. In retrospect yellow might not have been the best color.