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Jan 19, 2009
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The va after a long talk with my head doc has hooked me up with a fly tying program to help deal with my ptsd and my issue with large groups. So I got to thinking anyone elce tie.
I used to... when I used to fish... when I had time for such pursuits :D

Nuthin' like a 6" sunfish at the end of a 9-foot fly rod trying to pull your arm off.
lol I have found tying to be fun just need to get some better equipment
Guess my Lysdexia flared up, I thought this thread was about flying ties.
Too bad, because I have a couple of Tobasco Ties that do great in windy weather.

Used to a lot but haven't in about a year or so. Need to lose more to give me a reason to get back to the bench.
Yup, used to do it a lot and fished them, too.

Discovered along the way you only need 2 patterns in different sizes: a Brown Woolly Worm and a Renegade. The Woolly Worm is fished wet and the Renegade is a dry fly called a bi-visibile because of the two different colors of the feathers that make up the hackles. Easy to describe how it's made.

back end tie on a ginger hackle and a good peice of Ostrich feather for the body. wind the ginger on as the back end and tie it off. Wind the osterich feather as the body then tie on a white feather at the other end and wind it on then put the head on it. You then have two fluffy ends that float, I like them because you can see the white against the water real easily.

These 2 flies in various sizes have worked for me for years, if one doesn't work the other does:)
I tie flies, though its been a while since I had the stuff out. Have to agree with Dave about the Woolly Worm & Renegade, & add 1 more, the Brown Hackle Peacock. Its very similar to the Renegade, soft brown hackle at the front, some peacock herl going back to a tuft of red yarn. I've caught more fish on this than just about anything, from trout to bluegill.
well their on my list for flies to learn. I'm not just learning to tie for fishing. i'll be dong alot of shows too also was told if I got decent I could sell them through a few bait shops i deal with as well as online. and I guess their called Dress flys or what ever. I'm still waiting for my materials to come in I have no clue what's going to be in their.

The lessens i'm starting with are from an online teaching website i'll be tying about 2 dozen of each in different sizes.

Part 7 The EZ-Nymph
Part 8 Fall Midge Emerger
Part 10 Tailwater and Spring Creek Favorites
Part 11 All Time Favorites - Hare’s Ear and Pheasant Tail
Part 12 Hackle and the Woolly Worm
Part 13 Woolly Bugger and Montana Nymph
Part 14 Marabou Damsel Nymph
Part 15 The Basic Dry Fly
Part 16 Split Tails, Wings and Thorax Flies
Part 17 Turkey Flats and Hackle Tip Wings
Part 18 The Adams
Part 19 Royal Wulff
Part 20 The Humpy
See if you can find the pattern for a Parachute Coachman. It's one of the most complicated ones I ever tied and is very impressive, a show winner for sure:D
Used to tie basic Russian River flies back up in Alaska. It wasn't about finese and looks, as they're pretty basic and consist of a hook, some beads, and a long lead. When the salmon were running, it was about quantity for when your line broke.

LOL! If we weren't flying, there'd be a gaggle of us in the mission planning room tying them.

ad for that parachut i have the recipe i'll tie it once i'm better at it.

ad for that parachut i have the recipe i'll tie it once i'm better at it.

If and when you do a competetion show you must tell us how you do, good or bad.

Tyeing a fly for shows or a competetion is something I never considered. I always tied mine for the toughest judges in the world, the fish:)
You should have a great time tying flies. When I first meet my wife I was tying some Ladybug flies, she picked one up and hooked it to the lapel of her jacket. For several years when she would wear the jacket people would always comment she had a ladybug on her.

I don't know if it's just me but I never really looked at road kill the same after I started tying flies.

Andy Hansom
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