Anyone own a Mercury Engineering Grave Danger?

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Jan 1, 2017
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I like the looks of this rocket, its like a Big Daddy on 'roids. Anyone here fly one? Was thinking it would benefit from a JLCR when using the bigger motors.

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I have their Large School Rocket ( sold through BMS ) which looks to use the same NC. Solid high-quality kit, but I haven't gone beyond dry fit.
Built and flown two of them--love Merc Engineering. This kit was my daughter's first MPR and flies really well on anything E thru G. Install the nose weight and it will be fine. On the second one I added an Estes 29mm motor retainer and it works well, but tape works too. Favorite motor is probably the G71 (when we had them) or the G64W. Flew it on the Metalstorm/Darkmetal Gs a few times as well. Saw one fly once on an H, and it looked right on the margin of what this rocket can do--it did not shred, but it looked close to me.
I converted mine to a night launch rocket. The nosecone is made of a thin translucent plastic which is perfect for adding adding a nightbow or other LED light.
So there it is....I've been wanting to upscale a short stubby to 5.5" or so. I like the looks of this rocket. So I think I found my model. Anyway I could get a scan of the fins, for future reference? With a ruler would be nice, but just root chord length will suffice.
I had to check out their website, nice looking kits.