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Anyone missing a nosecone?

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Haahaa- that's just north of me...I haven't seen the finished product in person, but I do recall passing a concrete mixing drum on the west side of I-10 around Casa Grande whenever I go to Phoenix. I'm supposing that's what was converted based on the pictures I saw on kvoa.com this morning...always wondered why a mixing drum was left on the edge of a cotton field like that...
I'm confused??? ��������

There has been a drum from a concrete mixing truck near the edge of the I-10 freeway for at least a decade (as long as I've been here, or close to it). Someone decorated it up with paint, decals and harness, and it caused...quite a stir! Ambush art, nothing more.

Now if someone could explain the field of crosses up by Ray Rd, I would appreciate it! Did a bus crash? Must be at least 40-50 memorials off in the field aways...
There is another concrete drum somewhere Oklahoma that has been painted/dressed up kind of like this one.


That's awesome...these two "pranksters" have put most of my intentional model work to shame! It ALSO explains WHY the drum has been there...honestly never considered the fact that an accident with a full truck would result in something that wasn't useful/movable anymore, so was left behind.