Any experience with the MT2?

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Jan 18, 2009
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I am thinking about designing a midpower 2 stage rocket, and the PerfectFlite Microtimer 2 caught my eye for electronics. Can anyone recommend this?
I think that is the timer that Carl Tulanko uses on his Super Tres.

I personally am going for an Xavien XDRST-1, mainly because it seems very simple to set the time. Just flip a switch or six, and go!

I'll check that one out too. How do you mount one of these small things?

EDIT: Looked at it, the customized switch-time idea is neat, but it's a bit too expensive... After I spend my rocket budget, I have $50 left and I need to spend as little of that as possible...
Anyone that has used this timer before for airstart operations, you should be able to answer this.

To program it, you hold the switch down the number of seconds you desire. A tenth of a second is pretty quick, and that goes in .1 second intervals. If you come up, say, .4 second too short, the secondary motor would light while (probably) the first motor was still firing.

Another question: How do you attach the igniter? The timer has solder pads, but I can't imagine soldeirng igniters to a timer... Do you solder wires with microclips or somthing, or maybe buy a screwdown terminal and add that on? :confused:


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