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Sep 20, 2009
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Due to the overwhelming response to my previous weekend launch report, here is this weeks events. used my newly converted tripod launcher (with drill chuck); made changing launch rods a snap and takes up a lot less room in the CRV.

Sat Oct 3: Big Daddy goes up on a aerotech D15-4 RMS; perfect flight and a little higher than the D12s. nice noise; land fairly close

Arreaux: first flight was on an E23-5 RMS. very majestic looking launch. altimeter beeped out 433 feet.

Arreaux again: used an F12 RMS. nice black smoke and higher altitude (606 feet); however i forgot to put a piece of tape on the nosecone so i lost the nose cone; thank god the altimeter was still in the payload bay. oh well, easy fix.

Fat Boy: used the 18mm reload D13-4; this is the way a fat boy should fly. shot off the pad faster than you could blink. i estimate twice the altitude over a C6 launch.

FYI: i used copperheads on all the above launches with 100% success rate (i always scuff up the propellant when assemblying the motors.

Friday oct 2: not really mid power but did 6 of my low power rockets:
Estes Polaris: went up on a C6 - nice and high
Estes Monarch: used a B6-4; the polaris and monarh were some of the first rockett i purchased back in 2002; don't fly them that much anymore but they are nice flyers and look good
Estes Fat Boy: used a C6; so so flight; this thing needs more power; i have another kit that if i ever get around to building, i'll use a 24mm motor mount. this rocket is also vintage 2002.
estes maxtrax: up on a c6. never had a bad flight with this rocket.
Estes Stormcaster: one of my favorties; used a D12-5 with altimeter; usually get around 450 feet per altimeter.
baby bertha up on a B6-4; another consistent flyer; stupid plastic parachute didn't unfold but rocket tumbled into soft grass with no damage.

wish i had pics.
Sounds like some great flights.

A suggestion for the Fat Boy. I built mine with three 18mm MMT. It needed some nose weight but flies great on three C6-5s.

The Storm Caster, begs for 24/40 E and F loads. It will get near 2,000 on a F38T. I papered the fins on mine, but that was the only extra strengthening I did. It's held up great.
I flew my Stormcaster on a mystery motor that was already in a used case I bought after disassembling to make sure it was done correctly. We're guessing it was an E but it had a very, very long delay. AWESOME FLIGHT!!!! My fins are laminated with label paper.