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Feb 15, 2011
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Roanoke Rapids NC
I located a PDF file and downloaded it and will try to attach it with this post.
It is about 2 Black Brant Rocket vehicles model IIA with the round numbers of
CC-II-29 and CC-II-30 Both were flown at Churchill Research Range on 20 January 1961.
Both rounds sported the B/W checkerboard roll pattern on the airframe and fins.
The noticeable differences are the new " BAIL " Fin Design and if you notice the paint pattern
the wording " Black Brant " is behind the CARDE lettering and not below the CARDE lettering .

Enjoy !


New version of BB 2 with 3 fins.jpg


  • p441673.pdf
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Down load the attached pdf and you can see there is no boat tail . Just like the 4 fin version of the Black Brant II there
was no boat tail . The image shown is of the 29 & 30 rounds

close up.jpg
Thanks for sharing those Bobby.

Have you ever thought of creating/maintaining an index of your Black Brant threads? I'm sure that it would help a lot of folks with their research on the subjects.
If you will note unlike the 3 fin Black Brant 2 that has the boat tail and the checkerboard roll pattern on the fins were dividing the fin section into 4 sections
vertically and horizontally . If you notice on th 29 & 30 versions the horizontal line runs from the center of the leading edge and trailing edge but the vertical
line does not start at the center of the root edge but does end at the middle of the fin tip
Not really but if you want to do it you have my blessings to do so..

I have been trying to locate a club or organization that I can donate all of my rocketry data to when I kick the bucket
because I know my distant relatives will just wind up throwing my rockets and data "junk" into the trash
and I hate to see it go to waist when other Black Brant lovers could benefit from the data. I have been collecting Black Brant data since 1980
when the FSI version of the Black Brant 2 gave me the Black Brant Bug LOL
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I wish I could find a pdf copy that has original photos aka "plates" in it instead of the photocopied photos.
Now that would be sweet for sure LOL
NOTICE as I was looking over the pdf file for these 2 rockets I noticed a discrepancy in the fin semi span measurement.
on page 8 of the pdf it gives the fin semi span as 29.6 inches ,,
BUT on page 27 showing the fin drawing the fin semi span is listed as 21.0 inches .

I am gonna half to draw the fin full size in a cad program and see which fin semi span measurement is correct
The correct fin semi-span has been determined .I read in the pdf for the 2 rockets that the fin span is 59.2 inches
The airframe diameter is 17.208 inches so I just did the math

fin span 59.2 - airframe diameter 17.208 =41.922 = both fin semi-spans so 41.922 divided by 2 =20.996 inches = 1 fin semi-span
20.996 is darn close to 21.0 inches so the page 8 text stating the fin semi-span is a typo the fin drawing on page 27 showing a fin
semi-span of 21.0 inches is correct

So The correct fin semi-span of each fin is 21.0 inches :bravo: