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Mar 1, 2009
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i know this isnt rocketry related, however, for you RC guys out there who are HUGE into RC(like myself), this one comes HIGHLY recommended for an entry level RC helicopter just to tool around with. if you guys are into helicopters but dont want to spend the dough for a 400 dollar gas/nitro powered heli, this one is for you. i bought it at discovery channel store for my bro for 40 bucks on sale. its 80 regular. i can't tell you how impressive it is. charges in probably 2-3 minutes, and runs for about 1 1/2 minutes. its a great buy. the only downfall is it takes 14 batteries. 8D batteries for the charger base and 6AA batteries for the controller. also, it doesnt have forward/rear controlls, the rudder only steers when you let off the throttle. but for 40 bucks, i couldnt have asked for more. lol.