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For Sale Aerotech RMS-24/40 E18 E28 F24 F39 Five Pack Bundle

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Mar 8, 2024
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Southern California
This is a new, factory packaged, factory sealed Aerotech RMS-24/40 five packs of three each motor bundle. Two packs of E18-4W, and one pack each of E28-7T, F24-7W, and F39-6T. $139.00 Free shipping to the lower 48. PM with your information and for PayPal instructions. Thanks for your interest.

All motors include, and can only be shipped USPS ground, declared class 1a Haz Mat. Which is the identical way all Hobby Shops and Manufactures ship. Thanks for asking.
Dangerous goods, not hazmat and with correct labeling which includes your specific authorization number, but you need a letter from the postmaster general stating you are allowed to ship them, and with the authorization number and expiration date, you need to request that if you have not done so.