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Sold Aerotech Hardware


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Apr 6, 2012
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Went through all my stuff and found some hardware that I don't need. They are used and thoroughly cleaned after each use. Listed and priced as followed:

AT 29/240 motor set with closures $65 (SOLD)
AT 29/180 Case $25 (SOLD)
AT 38/360 Case $30
AT 38mm Plugged Fwd Closure $15
Dr. Rocket 38mm Plugged Fwd Closure $20 (SOLD)
AT 38mm Fwd Seal Disc $7

AT 38mm plugged closure is priced lower due to having scratches. Will not effect motor performance. See Photo.

Buyer pays shipping, PayPal only. Or you can pick them up if you're in the Riverside County area of CA or pick them up at the this weekend's ROC Launch in Lucerne Valley

Thanks for looking and PM me if interested in any of this hardware.


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