Aerotech DM propellent? Authorized?

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Ok. Thats a plus that everyone is working together.

But it is NRcan ERD that approves importation to Canada regardless of NAR, CAR/ACF and TTR. Anyone tried to import DM Aerotech motors yet?
.... a mystery... nobody that I talk to knows exactly and it has been over 18 months and this is why I ask.

I have yet to have AeroTech respond back about this.
I have never been able to find any for sale north of the border.

Not sure why but all I can find is:
White Lightning™ (W)
Blue Thunder™ (T)
Black Jack™ (J) and Black Max™ (FJ)
Redline™ (R)
Mojave Green™ (G)
Super Thunder™ (ST)

No Warp 9, Metalstorm, or Dark Matter?

For that we have CTI VMAX and Skidmark as alternatives I suppose.
It costs a bit of money to have NRcan ERD add a propellant/motor to the list so if Aerotech doesn't feel there is enough of a market and you don't want to pay the thousands required then it ain't gonna happen. Estes C11 and Es were illegal in Canada for a while for that reason.

Richard's statement is correct, it costs Aerotech quite a lot of capital to have products Authorized for sale in Canada, so lack of Dark Matter or other propellants are likely a financial/marketing decision. The Canadian High Power market is only a few hundred individuals, the model side, several thousand a small fraction of the United States. California likely has several multiples more High-Power enthusiasts than all of Canada, so you see a much greater selection available to Californian Tripoli/NAR members.

Garth Illerbrun
NAR 26894 L2
Looks like $250-$5000 per type of propellant, every year. Yeah, that's a lot of dough for a small corner of a niche hobby.

Got word back from ERD - Dark matter propellent is currently not approved for sale in Canada. However it is allowed under special permit for testing purposes. ERD in consultation with AeroTech and its Canadian distributor are currently in the testing phase.
As of January 12th Metal Storm and Dark Matter AeroTech propellent is now authorized for sale in Canada according to the Pacific offices of ERD. Got the note by email on Monday -

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I noticed the Canadian Rocket Store has them in stock now...
Got a chance to try those metal storm motors in our school launch the other day! It was outstanding fun. Our local fire department has stated that as long as the ground moisture is high - no need to worry. Launch all you like! Last week of April all rocket activities are stopped as soon as the fire risk increases. Pretty much common sense regulations.
Cool! It's great to see some new Aerotech propellants certified by the ERD if NRCan. I'd like to see some 54mm 426 motors. Mind you, I may be the only one who wants them.