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Sold 75MM CTI (Gen1) Set $550+Shipping (updated)

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Aug 9, 2009
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Lightly used 75mm CTI set for sale. This is a Gen 1 with the thrust ring, and is cross certified for 22 of the 75mm Aerotech reloads from one to four grains in addition to the CTI range. (In fact, all my flights were AT) - the full list is here.

75mm 6 grain case,
75mm 3 grain case,
2 spacers,
Extra o-rings (8, I think - Buna-N) for Aerotech 75mm compatibility
$550 plus UPS shipping (dm me where and I’ll get a quote)


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  • at crossload matrix 11-22-22_1669160464000.pdf
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Revised prices and added/corrected information on CTI/AT crossloads for use in 75mm cases.
Now that spring is in the air, thought I'd just note that these cases are boxed and ready to ship ;-)
Just FYI.....I used the Cert 3 XL chute that I got from you on my successful L3 certification flight this past weekend 👍
Awesome! That's two L3 certs on that bad boy. I think one more would give it legendary status 😂

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