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Jan 18, 2009
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I was wondering if anyone knows how long the baffel material aerotech uses in their rockets will last? My Initiator just completed its 18th flight yesterday. When I took the motor out and shook it to get the red ejection cap to fall out a fair amount of other stuff fell out as well. Some of it was powder residue but some was small pieces of the cooling mesh. I hadn't really given it much thought before. Anyone ever replace the mesh?

This flight was on an F22-5J which has become my second favorite reload for the Initiator. My favorite is still the F40. Also flew my Pringles can rocket on an E18. The delay was a little short, but man that little E is a loud sucker!!


They recommend replacing the mesh every 6-10 flights, I believe. The heat from the ejection erodes the matierial away, and will eventually lead to the mesh not absorbing all the heat, and a bad experience to follow that. Basically, it's just a dishwashing mesh - pull the old one out the bottom of the tube (with a coat hanger, for instance) and shove a new one up there.

The stuff as mentioned looks like a scrubby pad and is usually easy to find. I know after many launches it eventually needs replaced, however, if you keep it stretched inside by pulling it back into shape with a hook, it will last some time.

Thanks Guys, I did pull the mesh down some with one of those parts grabber deals, and I'm going to look for that Chore Boy mesh stuff, its what I wanted to use in some of my other rockets with baffels. Thanks Again........Larry're quite welcome from the guys and I...just let us know how the next launch goes!

Originally posted by stymye
chore boy works

Yes, folks, the Aerotech baffle system uses Chore Boy.

Several thousand pieces were ordered at a time. These pieces where then cut in two and that is what was used in the rocket kits.

Only use the stainless-steel variety. The copper version did not last as long.

In my experience, I've had several AeroTech kits with 30-40 flights on each and I never replaced the Chore Boy. The only thing I would do is shake the debris out from the motor tube and sometimes reach into the motor tube with a stiff wire and stretch the mesh.

I've used Chore Boy in other mfgs. kits and my own scratch-bulit rockets. The motor tube needs to have a greater wall thickness than standard tubes (i.e.: BT-20, BT-50, etc.) as the mesh really holds the heat and can weaken thin tubes.

You got any pics of the Pringle Can bird? I'm working on one myself... actually, it's a Pringle Can/CoffeeMate Can/Plastic Coke Bottle combo... If I ever get it built, I'll put up some pics myself...

Go to search and type in pringles can rocket and then in the user name section type in Larry. This will take you to probably one of my very first TRF post. There are pictures of it there. I don't have any launch pictures of it. The very first flight was on a D12-3 and no very high. Second was on a E28-4T RMS. It was so quick off the pad that I missed it(got the smoke though:D ), and the third flight was on the E18-7W RMS that I cut the delay to much and the ejection charge went off to early. I didn't take the camera out, but it went straight up spinning! Not corkscrew, but straight up. Looked really cool:D