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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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We are pleased to tell TRF members that our next kit is just about ready to be released. This will be the BLINK FAMILY because if you BLINK you will miss them. This kit has 3 rockets in it. They are 13mm rockets with Balsa nose cones, 1/16" balsa fin stock, Mylar streamer for the Mama and Papa Blink (Baby Blink will be a featherweight recovery) and water slide decals. The BABY BLINK will be 5 1/2" tall, MAMA BLINK will be 8" tall and the PAPA BLINK will be 10 1/2" tall. We will be selling this kit for $8.95 for all 3 rockets. We will keep you posted on when they will be ready to be ordered. If you would like more information let me know or go to www.rocketheadrockets.com

I would also like to thank Crashinj for coming up with the family part of the Blinks.
We ahve got all of the parts for the rockets and the parts for our wood lathe now. So what does this mean??? The blink family will be ready to move to your neighborhood on Febuary 16. We will be taking preorders for the Blink Family now. If you are want a family like the Blinks to move to your Neighborhood go to www.rocketheadrockets.com and place your order.

Thank you