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Advertisement: Initiator Starter Kit for sale - $90

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Feb 6, 2004
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I have an Aerotech Initiator starter kit for sale. This kit has the Initiator rocket, launch pad and launch controller. It does not include any motors. This is new in the box, never opened. The price for the kit from the Aerotech web store is $190.95 and the lowest price I found it from any vendors was $164.95. I am selling it for $90, about half of the average price. This is a great kit for someone wanting to get into mid power. I would like to sell this to someone around central Ohio, so I don't have to worry about shipping. If you want it shipped, the price would be $90 plus the shipping.

Also, I do attend some of the QUARK launches at VOA near Cinci, so if you are interested and want me to bring it to the launch on April 25th, let me know.

I'll take it if you still have it!
do you take paypal?

let me know how much shipping would be to 95949

email me for faster response
Elapid, yes I still have the kit. I will check on shipping today and let you know how much it will be. I don't have Pay Pal, but once I find out what the shipping is, I will email you and we can work out the details of payment.

Stones, no it is not the original kit I got at Hobby Lobby. I kept that one for myself! :D I think I have checked all the Hobby Lobbies around central Ohio and have pretty much cleaned them out, as I got the Initiator starter kit, a Mustang, some motors, ingiters and some extra copperhead clips. Wish I could find some more bargains, but I think the supply at the Local Hobby Lobbies is exhausted. :rolleyes:

I know a hobby shop that has that Initiator starter kit sans engines for $90...... but I'm not telling .... one of these days I hope to have $90....now of course the kit will be gone by then but thats life....
i have replied to each of your emails, but i think you must have my domain blocked...


anyway, i'm waiting for you to send your address so i can mail your check.

thank YOU!
it's really amazing how quickly these things go together!