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Advertisement: F/S Little Joe II vacuformed parts

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These parts look really nice, and I'd be tempted if I hadn't just got the Roachwerks kit.

His is half the size 2.217" in diameter and it's not really a kit. I have his Saturn 1B wraps and they are super! I just need the time to build it.

If you get his wraps and fin set you'll still need a length of BT-70 and a capsule (Apogee Components).

It would be based on this kit. https://www.dars.org/jimz/k-30.htm

Yeah I realised that, but if you hadn't brought or your kit when you did, I might have been tempted to go for the vac form parts and put the rest together myself.

Where can I see the Saturn 1B wraps?
Do a Saturn 1B search with member name paul graf.

It shows a picture of a completed model only (the wraps really don't show up well in a picture).

But they are nice.

The biggest problem with doing a 1/70th clone is finding a BT-51 body tube (odd size) 1.011 O.D

Semroc offers a Centuri equivalent ST-10 at 1.040" od.
Would that work?
Sure...that'll work.

But Totally tubular has a closer tube The BT-50+ which is 1.010"
Only .001" off...I dare you to tell the difference!

Use thicker paint!

Actually the more I think about it, the more I think I'd like to do an HPR "sport scale" Saturn 1B.

Ahh, too many projects...