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Jun 28, 2004
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I need the Estes Commanche 3 Decals because I've messed up mine. If anybody has the set of decals I am willing to pay 5 dollars for them. If you have the decals but don't like the price, suggest another one and I'll consider it.

I need the decals A.S.A.P. so if you have them please don't hold back :)
Call Christine at Estes, tell her what you need and be real nice about it.

Christine: 800-525-7561 X 216

If Christine can't help you out (and I'd be suprised if she can't) shoot me a PM.

That was quick.

It only lasted like ... dunno ... 45 seconds.

10-14 days. I dunno if I can wait that long, but I'll try :D

Thanks wyldbill, I was thinking that it might not work, but in the end it turned out fine, I won't need the decals from you now that they're being sent out.

Once again, thanks for the phone number and recommendation sandman.