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Apr 8, 2004
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Hey everybody.
I've recently polished some Scratch Built plans That I have. And have decided to sell them ALL!
All very cheap, do not come with any materials, but these are great rocs. I've tested them all and work flawlessly!
Prices are from $2-$5 Prices are negotiable...trades are welcome!
Check them out! Tell your friends. These are easy to build rockets with cool new designs that will make you the envy of your friends family and rocket club.
Question, Comments..... ordering?
Contact me through any of these...
AIM : Moocrew02
Email : [email protected]
or PM me!

Come check them out.

--- I also do custom designs for those of you who don't have Space Cad or RockSim!!
!NEW! plans now available. All prices are now $3 and under.
Instant Message Me
PM me for pics or questions!
What type of rocket are they for? 13mm? 18mm? 24mm?
29 mm? 38 mm?

Bigger than a breadbasket?

Loud enough to scare off all of the cats in a 2 mile radius?

Inquiring Rocketters want to know!!!
from 1/2 A's to G's...atleast so far....including clusters.