6/19/04 Launch report

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Jan 18, 2009
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Fort Myers, FL
I thought I'd post a personal launch report for 6/19 which was a Gulf Coast Tripoli launch and a pretty good one too for the most part.

First up was my new Tres on three Estes C6-5 motors. I lit all three with no problems and it scooted off the pad in a hurry and went maybe 800-1,000 feet up and was recovered without incident after a rather significant walk. Nice starter flight of the day.:cool:

Next up was my PML Matrix on an H123W with a short delay. Very nice flight up to about 1,400 feet with deployment just after apogee. Everything went great until it hit the road on touchdown significantly scratching one fin.:mad:

I finished the day with a nice flight of my G-Force on a G64-4W. I really love this rocket even though I don't fly it that much.:)
Here are more pics of the launch. Sorry I dont know the names of all the rockets.

Thanks for the pic's Dan. Great shot.

As for the other rockets, our President Bill Stanton prepping and launching his upscale Mosquito on a Pro54 K445 4 grain motor. Unfortunately, there was no deployment and the rocket came in ballistic from 3,500+ feet and was never found. Sorry Bill, I feel your pain.:( :( :(

The second pic is of Bob Backiline's Endeavour flown on a Pro38 J330 6 grain motor. The boost was fast, loud and high. The rocket was recovered safely.
Love your Tres. Seems this past weekend saw a lot of them in the air. We had 2 at CMASS with a total of 4 launches :)
Thanks Jim:)

It is an incredible rocket. It clearly got attention when I took it out to the pad and I got a lot of compliments on how good a job I did on it.

When it went up, our club president said quote "that's a motor burner".

The prefect of my club Harold Sasloe has been wanting to get his hands on one especially after he saw mine and it's awesome flight.:)

I can't wait until you release the 4 motor version of this. Got any names for it yet?:D