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Sold 54mm and 38mm Casting Tube/Liner sets for sale at MWP


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Jan 19, 2009
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I was able to order some casting tube sets from a tube manufacturing company in Wisconsin for my own use and because of order minimums, have quite a few extra. They're pretty basic kraft tubing w/o glassine.

The specs on the 54mm set are Liner OD 1.910", ID 1.830", wall thickness 0.04; casting tube OD 1.82", ID 1.74", wall thickness 0.04"
38mm specs are Liner OD 1.32", ID 1.26", wall thickness 0.03"; casting tube OD 1.25", 1.19", wall thickness 0.03"

Cost is $5/set. I'll have about 70 sets of each at Midwest Power.


George Pike
TRA 10752 L3