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Jan 19, 2009
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I've started construction of the scaled up Tres.

The scale factor is the same as the Deuce, 338%.
Construction will be very similar to the Deuce, using the same basic materials (paper tubes, plywood, and Sandman's transition and nose cone).

This is the parts of the motor mount.
This is a little closer showing the center support rod. The motor tubes attach to this rod and the rear ring, there are no triangles. The fins will also attach to the 2 centering rings and this rod.
J210s are nice motors. Man you crank out rockets like no one else. I wish I could build that fast!....but I think I would run out of mooney prettty fast ;)

btw I like the support rod idea
just incredible. You folks have *no* idea how exciting this is for me. Seriously, i'm at a loss for words...
Originally posted by Ryan S.
Man you crank out rockets like no one else.

These are the first rockets besides the stock size Deuce and Tres since I built the saucers in the fall of 2002. I didn't build any new rockets in 2003, just flew the ones I had.
I purchased the materials for both the Deuce and Tres at the same time, about $400 for both.
So Jim's designs awakened a sleeping giant, eh? I've seen your handiwork from time to time in mags and videos :), and am glad to see you active on TRF!
I spent most of this weekend cutting fins.

Here's a sheet of G10 with all but the large strakes layed out on it.
After a *lot* of cutting and trimming, all *36* fins are done. The bottom fins and strakes are 1/4" plywood that will have 1/32" G10 laminated on both sides like the Deuce. The upper fins and strakes are 1/8" plywood. They will also be laminated both sides with 1/32" G10.

Looks like this is going to be another 54mm animal...good job! Keep us posted man, with the speed you build, yours will probably be done way before mine.

Too much sanding ... Yuk!

I've been working on the Tres fins the last few days.

Here's the main fins and strakes G10 skins sanded for adhesion.
The wood is coated with epoxy, the G10 placed on top, the works covered with plastic wrap, and finally the books weight everything down.
After an 8 hour cure, the process is repeated on the other side.
Finally, the epoxy that bleeds out around the edges is sanded off.

Here's all 12 fins after lamination and sanding.
Finally, the body tube is trimmed of just above the strakes. The rest of this diameter holds the altimeter and main chute.
Originally posted by missileman
Graet build:)
Great pics:)
Great job:D


I'm shooting for the May Orangeburg launch for it's maiden flight on 3 Pro54 J210's.