11/14/04 Launch

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Apr 29, 2004
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Well, it had been over 2 months since we had launched some rockets, and I had three models that I had built but not yet flown : a Fliskits Cheetah, and a Saturn 1B and Sprint both from Roachwerks/Sandman.
I also took out the trusty Big Bertha and the Python 4 ASRAAM

By the time we arrived at the local high school field, it was very windy (much more than we expected). So the rockets were prepped with smaller engines to prevent losses and to minimize chasing distance.

Big Bertha : B6-4
Python : C6-5
Saturn 1B : A10-3T
Cheetah : B6-4 (flown only as a single stage)
Sprint : A10-3T

Due to it being very windy and cold (and some complaining), we launched each rocket only once.

And before anyone asks....here are the pictures :
First up was the Big Bertha. It's become a tradition with me and my sons to launch this bird first.

As always, it turned in a typical perfect flight. There was some weathercocking into the wind, but that was expected. Recovered about 200 feet from the pad.
Next up was the Estes Python 4 ASRAAM. I decided to put a C6-5 in this rocket, mainly because it is so heavy and it comes down quickly. Future flights will use a C6-3 engine. Another perfect launch, and recovery was just outside of the infield dirt of the baseball diamond we were launching from.
Now we begin the maiden launches of the remaining rockets we had brought. Here is a the Saturn 1B fun scale kit from Roachwerks/Sandman. I launched it on an A10-3T using a spent 18mm motor casing as a converter. Future flights will be on an A8-3 or perhaps a B4-4.

The A10-3T carried it to about 75 feet and it was nose down at ejection. A nice slow boost and straight flight. Very cool!
Here it is on the pad :
....And a closeup view of that same shot. (this rocket looked really cool going up nice and slow!)
Here is the Fliskits Cheetah sitting on the pad (painted in its LarryBoy LarryMobile color scheme)
I opted to only launch this as a single stage due to the windy conditions and not wanting to lose it on its first flight (not to mention I didn't have any B6-0 booster engines!)
The Cheetah lived up to its namesake and leapt off the pad quickly even with a B6-4. I was only able to get the pic of a smoke trail (but I'll post that anyway, knowing that TRF-ers demand to see pictures no matter what they are!)

This kit has a different recovery method with the kevlar recovery thread and shock cord coming out of the body at the CG. It was really cool to see its descent. I don't have any pictures of the descent as it was coming down directly in line with the sun.
And finally the mini Sprint from Sandman.
Here it is on the pad :
All I can say about this rocket is : Wow! It is F A S T !!!

I wasn't prepared for how fast, as you can tell by the resulting picture of a....................smoke trail. It is a nice straight smoke trail though!
Always like to check out launch reports/pics! :D

Very nice rockets there! You have a nice place to launch too. Great day (in the pics at least). The smoke trails *are* pretty straight up! :D Much like some of my pics!

Love the launch report and the pictures are very good. What kind of camera did you use. Digital or 35mm?
Originally posted by JSvolfan
Love the launch report and the pictures are very good. What kind of camera did you use. Digital or 35mm?
Digital. It's a Sony DSC-S75.