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Jan 19, 2009
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Page 20 of the lastest issue (vol:8,iss2) of UKRA's newsletter, 10...9...8..., has a 1/2page advert for TRF! :D

WiK organised it - a HUGE thank you to him for that! :D
I'll scan it in!

A big thank you to Cydermaster and Arthur Dent aswell, they helped fund it!!! :D

Originally posted by WiK

Sorry about the quality of it too, my scanner would only recognise it as text/line art, and wou ldnt scan it in as a picture! :rolleyes:

Thankfully, it looked better in the magazine!
Nice one Wik! Was flicking through and caught sight of it...I'll buy you a can of coke and a sandwich at some point!
I also noticed It as I was browsing through the UKRA mag , looks pretty neat! Will you be at IRW WiK?
I'll reply on WiK's behalf, if I may. I got a text message from him today. He's already in Scotland - Loch Lomond. He'll be going to the IRW later.
That's great! Wonder what it'd cost to run an ad in SpRocketry?
Hey! Im logging in from the Glasgow Science centre, with free internet :) Its tipping it down with rain at teh moment :rolleyes:
Yup I'll be at IRW, Im hoping to go on tuesday and thursday. You making the journey up Karl?
Lol! Thanks Hokk! :D
I'll see some of ya next week, but ill be posting again Sunday in a couple of weeks :)

Hopefully I will if I can get a lift there , but my level 1 flight seems very doubtfull :(
Noooo rain :( :( :(
The advert looks great and i was wondering if any other forum has ever been advertised in a printed magazine?:cool:

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