$0.29 1/8" Plywood Fins at Hobby Lobby

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Dec 27, 2012
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The average customer sees these as arts and crafts. I see them as a $1.28 (with tax) fin set.

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Inerestting. Before I saw the second photo, I was think you were going to cut them down the middle for kind of a retro-50s look
I use to buy large sheets of 1/8" plywood at HL to cut out for fins, bulkheads, centering rings, etc. The HL was much closer than the nearest Hobby Store. Lately, I have found the plywood at my local ACE Hardware store in the crafts section. This store is only a 5 minute drive. So, I've gone from a 90 minute drive to a 40 minute drive (one-way) to only a 5 minute drive.
HL sometimes has small divided box kits for a buck or two. Usually two matched fins each, so for under five you've got a good set for 2-3 birds.

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