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Valkyrie Recovery Systems

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Nov 6, 2023
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Grand Junction, Colorado
Are you ready to take your high-power rocketry projects to unprecedented heights? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest product - the Kevlar Shock Cord and the Kevlar Y-Harness. Engineered with precision, designed for durability, and made for the ambitious rocketeer, these products are set to revolutionize your rocketry experience.

Why Our Kevlar Rocketry Solutions Stand Out:

  • Unmatched Strength: With a 4,500lb break strength, our Kevlar Shock Cord and Y-Harness offer unparalleled security and peace of mind, ensuring your projects withstand the rigors of launch and recovery.
  • Lightweight Design: Crafted from Kevlar, these rocketry essentials are 1/3 the weight and bulk of traditional nylon, allowing for optimal performance without the added weight.
  • Heat Resistance: Tailored to thrive in the extreme conditions of rocketry, both the shock cord and Y-harness boast superior heat-resistant properties, safeguarding your gear against the high temperatures of the ejection charge.
  • Y-Harness: The specially designed Y-Harness with its dual-leg configuration ensures even load distribution, protecting the mouth of the tube and enhancing the safety and integrity of your rocket during the critical recovery phases.

Ready for Lift-Off?

Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your rocketry toolkit with the most advanced, reliable, and performance-driven products on the market. Our Kevlar Shock Cord and Y-Harness are not just additions to your gear; they’re investments in your passion for rocketry.

🌟 Order Now and Watch Your Rocketry Ambitions Soar to New Heights! 🌟

Visit our website https://www.valkyrierecoverysystems.com/store/p21/Kevlar_Shock_Cord_(4,500_lbs).html and https://www.valkyrierecoverysystems.com/store/p22/Kevlar_Y-Harness.html


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When you receive our Kevlar shock cords and harnesses, you'll instantly see what sets Explorer by VRS apart - it's all in the details! Unlike our standard packaging, we've gone the extra mile with these items. Kevlar, while incredibly durable, doesn't play well with UV light, so we've snugly packed them in sleek black bags to shield them from any unwanted exposure. This thoughtful touch is just one of the many ways Explorer by VRS ensures your gear stays in pristine condition, proving our unparalleled commitment to quality and care.

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