1. T

    Orientation of the ejection charge for apogee deployment

    Hello fellow rocketeers, hope you are doing great. I was thinking about fitting my Eggtimer Apogee in the nose cone but then I realized the ejection charge should be oriented downwards, right? Then it would fire and push the parachute and the rest of the body downwards, and depending on how...
  2. C

    New Method for Parachute Deployment? Deployment by Rocket Extraction

    I am a member of a newly founded rocketry team in my University. We are very excited to build our first rocket, however, we have no prior knowledge. Upon investigating different methods for Dual Deployment Systems, Theo W. Knacke in his book "Parachute Recovery System Design Manual" mentions a...
  3. Rocketteer

    Sold 36" parachute

  4. Buddy Michaelson

    New Rocketman Parachutes

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to sell these brand new parachutes, mostly because they were used for website photos or made special colors for someone and have an extra. These are in perfect condition, all prices will be with shipping included and 20% off!!! All of these are absolutely beautiful...
  5. SierraDrinker

    Question on parachute fabric

    I am sewing my own parachute using Scotty Bryce's template. I wasn't able to find 1.1 oz ripstop nylon which seems to be the go-to fabric. The only ripstop I was able to find locally (Calgary, Alberta) was much heavier. I think over 6 oz. Aside from adding weight to my rocket, do you foresee...
  6. dvdsnyd

    GPS Drift, Rocket Landing Predictor and visualizer Spreadsheet

    Out of a desire to understand a little more where my rockets could potentially land leading up to the launch, and the morning of launch. As well as predicting where anomalous flights may go(main at apogee failures anyone?) Especially after having treed a couple rockets in my close flying circle...
  7. H

    Change From Streamer to Parachute for the Goblin?

    Like many others, I found a great deal on the Estes Goblin at Hobby Lobby yesterday--$4.39. At the time of purchase, I did not know it uses the streamer recovery system. Never used streamers before. If I convert to a parachute instead, what size should I use? Anything about the shock cord or...
  8. 421899B3-7F35-4785-8C98-C1698A1465AF.png


    My new 70” parachute
  9. Yohan H

    R2Home - Guided Parachute Recovery System - For rocketry and weather balloon

    Hello there, I'm new here, my name is Yohan H, I'm french, and almost 17 years old. I'm working on few space related projects, including one that may interest you. I'm working on a guided parachute recovery system, which can be used as well with a weather balloon than on a model rocket. Here...
  10. M

    Jolly Logic Chute Placement

    I'm adding a JL chute release to a 4" Mad Cow DX3 and I'm wondering about where to attach the chute. My DX3 has an AVbay and forward section for future use, and I'll be using motor ejection. I've checked through the forums and came up with 2 main ideas. I want to start with using a drogue just...
  11. Y

    Recovery System Problem

    When using the engines given by our rocket open rocket, there is no problem in the parachute system. Since we are given a different engine in the competition we will enter, we upload its file. When we simulate it acts like a parachute is not added. What do we have to do? Please help me.
  12. Culprit

    Chocolate Rocket

    This scratch build began with my son taking a knife to a Nerf football and stuffing it into a Tootsie Roll tube coin bank - a small one. He brought it to breakfast and told me he wanted to turn it into the Chocolate Rocket. He sourced some tube fins from the Rolo candy cane tubes you see at...
  13. Burak

    How can i open the parachute without any system on 600m

    Hello! I should open the parachute of payload on 600m. And i shouldn't use any recovery system. Is this imposible? Or is there any solution? Payload is not inside on rocket - free fall
  14. PBic

    Found Used 60" SkyAngle Classic II

    I’d Iike to get a good functional SkyAngle chute. PM if you’ve got one for sale. Thanks!
  15. R

    Make a parachute

    I'm new here, someone has some link or tips, to make a parachute, manually, In a diferent way of richard nakka? - Will be a 8 gore chute, about 100 cm diameter, nylon ripstop. (for a small rocket) thanks :)
  16. F

    TARC Questions

    Hi everyone, I'm leading a TARC team for the first time this year and I had a few questions. 1. We are using OpenRocket to model the rocket and everything looks fine but the flight time looks a little unrealistic. We are using two body tubes and the weight of the rocket is around 300g right...
  17. Buddy Michaelson

    Go Fast Rocket Kit

    I am currently working on a 1:3 Scale of our Space Shot Rocket, which will hopefully come out later this month or the first week in November. This rocket has a 75mm Body Tube and a 54mm MMT, and is 88” tall. The rocket will include a SCP Thrust Plate machined from billet aluminum and a 4.5”...
  18. sinclag

    New Hobby Parachute Line

    BlackCat Rocketry is delighted to announce the creation of a new line of hobby rocketry parachutes. Made from 1.1oz ripstop nylon Printed in 3 colour patterns sizes 10" and 12" diameter mil-spec paracord Perfect fore those small rockets where weight and airframe space are limited...
  19. Y

    what is difference between these parachutes

    hello everyone we will buy a parachute but we are undecided between two parachutes. first one is this parachute second one is this...
  20. M

    Position of Igniter and how to make one?

    Hello Everyone! I am new to model rocketry and completely do everything on my own.So,got struck at a point Problem is "Does the position of Igniter really matter ?" I mean where should we keep the igniter is it at the opening end of motor or else some what deep inside the motor? Please help...