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  1. Samarth Barshi

    Rocket Motor Temperature

    What temperature does the casing wall reach usually?
  2. PurpleRabbit75

    Zn/S Motor Casing Possibilities

    Hi! I'm fairly new to experimental rocketry, and I've been having some difficulties with my casings. For nitrate-sucrose propellants, I've found that wood-glued construction/poster paper wound around a dowel has worked fine, but a recent test with a Zinc-Sulfur propellant completely burned...
  3. Olly Ye

    Wanted [Urgent] CTI Pro98 6GXL casing

    Hello all, Just joined this community. I am part of UBC Rocket, a student engineering design team. We just launched a 2-stage (N5800 to M1800) rocket at the Spaceport America Cup recently (video attached). Unfortunately, our CTI Pro98 6GXL casing was damaged and cannot be used for our upcoming...
  4. S

    CTI 29 case seized

    Good day, with my local club launch in a week, I need to get this case ready ; the aft closure has seized terribly and nothing I have tried so far has been successful. So far I have tried, WD40, lubricant, hot water, knocking it against a hard surface, rubber grips, water pump pliers, and all...
  5. Samsulajojo

    Sold 75MM research snap ring casing set

    I have a complete set of 10 - 75 mm research snap ring casings. The longest casing measures 35” the shortest casing measures 14.5”. It also includes a case of nozzles, closures and snap rings. I never was able to get into research motors. With my time constraints buying motors is better for me...
  6. M

    BP engines specifically for swing testing

    So maybe this a problem no one besides myself needs solved but in all my years of rocketry I didn't think to do this until now. My dad was old school and wouldn't fly a design unless it passed a swing test and with very few exceptions I inherited this part of the hobby from him. (Yeah, I know...
  7. abdale

    Found Need a used motor casing

    Hi, I'm looking for a used 75/6400 Aerotech motor casing. I don't need the closures, just the case. I'm a member of the San Diego Tripoli Rocket Club and I borrowed a case from the club, but the foreward closure had a problem and burned a huge hole in casing. Please let me know if you may have...

    Found WANTED Cesaroni 54mm 4 Grain Motor Case

    I am looking for a new or used Cesaroni Pro54-4 grain motor case, in good condition and clean. Thanks
  9. Luzwingnut

    ESTES PATRIOT (#2056) Motor Upgrade

    NEED some ideas!! Seeking to UPGRADE a stock (and as yet UNBUILT) Estes Patriot to use BOTH the stock 18mm motors AND 24mm motors (bigger C's, D's, and maybe E's). a.) Have read that Estes rocket power recommendations are conservative. b.) Wish to LEARN the various techniques required for the...
  10. C

    Sold Cesaroni Pro54 Single and dual grain motor casing

    I have two Cesaroni Motor Casting, 1 - grain, and 1 - 2 grain motor casings. New, never used. Offering for 75.00 paypal, I will pay shipping CONUS.
  11. C

    Sold Cesaroni Pro54 kit

    I have a new cesaroni Pro54 kit. INcludes: 1 3 grain Motor Case 1 6 grain Motor Case 2 single grain spacers 1 DAT (delay adjustment tool) 1 Rear Closure Brand new never used. I am offering for 200.00 - paypal, i will ship CONUS. Thanks for looking.
  12. C

    Sold Cesaroni Pro38 Level One/Two Hardware Package

    I have one Cesaroni 38 pro-starter kit. INcludes the following: 1 3 grain motor casing 1 6 grain motor casing 2 grain spacers 1 DAT (delay adjustment tool) Brand new, never opened. Asking 90.00 via paypal , i will pay shipping to CONUS.
  13. C

    Found Aerotech 75/7680 case and closure/seal set

    Wanted: Aerotech 75/7680 case and closure set + seal disc PM me if you have one to ship or pick/up in the DC/Baltimore area.