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  1. WheatleyOS

    Bug Report Copy - OpenRocket not opening

    I'm posting this here since the send bug report feature is just as broken as everything else. After trying to update Java JRE/JDK/SE (and also reverting to older versions) OpenRocket will no longer work. I tried downloading 8u241, both JRE and JDK, Java SE 11.0.6 (LTS), and, what I assume...
  2. opcon

    All Java applications menu font rendering problem (OpenRocket)

    I've had a problem for months that I was unable to figure out how to correct. Every Java application I ran resulted in the fonts for the menus rendering garbled, completely unreadable resulting in the applications be unusable for me, including OpenRocket. I tried everything I could think of. A...
  3. Y

    Running Open Rocket from a Java code / Python scripting / CLI

    In the view of the advantages of working with lines of code in an batch way (scripted in Java), I would like to know if there has been anybody able to run any kind of simulations of Open Rocket from a Java code, even of a simple rocket. Is there an standard example of code somewhere, used to...