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  1. Joshua Smith

    Estes Saturn V, Quintuple Cluster, Staged

    I imagine someone has posed this idea before, and I know this would be a mess, but maybe a fun mess. I have an extra Estes Saturn V Skylab (main body tube is a bit squished), but the Skylab vs Apollo doesn't much matter here. What I want to do, because I can (try), is modify it to be a cluster...
  2. garlicsnapper

    For Sale Estes PSII/Estes Star Wars Rocketry Kits & Electronics

    I’m not leaving the rocketry community! Not even close! But I’m looking to thin out my collection of rocket kits and electronics that I’ll never get around to using. Check out what’s available! Here is a listing of what’s available. Prices in USD plus shipping to your destination of choice...
  3. OG1959

    Estes Supernova build

    This is a kit I bought on eBay in a lot of four Estes kits. Got a pretty good deal on them but... As you can see, the body tube got crushed a little but I had some BT-50 tube on hand so all I had to do was cut a new tube to length. First order of business is a few coats of clear on the...
  4. supertaco

    For Sale Estes Apollo 11 Saturn V Model Rocket Kit 2157 (2010) -- $130 + Shipping

    I have one of these discontinued kits in really good condition from 2010. I received it as a gift and will never build it. Super sweet gift, but it is only taking up space in my shop. I can't find this available anywhere I saw old prices ranging from $70 to $200; so I'm going in the middle...
  5. How to build and launch the Estes "Taser" Model rocket

    How to build and launch the Estes "Taser" Model rocket

    Complete rundown on how to build and launch safely.
  6. RalPh8

    Original fat boy

    Does anybody have the specs on the original Fat Boy that was around in the 90s? (tube size, length, nose cone, mmt, etc...) It was always my dream to have one as a kid but I don't believe they make them anymore... just micro and mini sizes. Also does anybody make a high power kit version of the...
  7. manixFan

    SOLD Saturn 1B Kit #2048 - price drop!

    For sale is an Estes Saturn 1B. The kit is complete with all parts, card stock, decals, and instruction manual. The box is not sealed. I watermarked the pictures to make is harder for someone to reuse them, but can provide others if you send me a PM. Price is $130 + $10 shipping. (One sold just...
  8. Alan R

    Multi-Roc 36 hour build

    Get an email from my friend on Tuesday afternoon saying "hey... the weekend looks good, lets go launch Saturday." Our field isn't huge, but plenty big enough for a D-motor. I start digging around my stuff. Still packed in the box after the last launch. I shoot an email back, "sounds good. I've...
  9. Spitfire222

    Estes Xtreme Build Thread

    I picked up two of these kits from AC Supply, and I figured I'd do a quick build thread for this new rocket so others can see what the kit is like. There's nothing too special about this kit, it's basically a Hi-Flier, but for once I'm going to (mostly) build this one stock! I'll probably...
  10. njspence

    xx High School Fundraiser- Sale of Donated Vintage Kits and Parts- updated with asking prices

    Hi- I'm the advisor to my high school rocket/TARC club. Recently the Martin family donated their dad's collection of vintage kits which we're selling as a fundraiser. I'm posting here first before ebay, etc. Kits are available single or bundled. Buyer pays shipping. Pictures linked below but I...
  11. lowga

    Estes Ghost Chaser

    Wanted to share some praise for the Estes Ghost Chaser Rocket. This is a relatively new kit from Estes, designed for first-time flyers. It features snap-together construction and quick assembly. Pictures don't really do it justice. In person, it's a very attractive rocket and larger than you...
  12. lowga

    Wanted Looking for Estes 1919 Honest John Kit or Built

    Looking for the Estes 1919 Honest John rocket which was sold from 1984-1988. 18mm with parachute recovery. One of the few times that a company chose to model the M50 version of this famous missile, rather than the more popular M31 with the larger fins. Would prefer an unbuilt kit but would...
  13. S

    Estes - Doorknob PSII (#9720) Gallery

    Just finished this Estes Doorknob. This was my first experience with Tamiya masking tape. It definitely lives up to the hype! It was a fun build and I can't wait to launch it. (It sucks that all Estes 29mm engines are on back order. I'll have to buy a casing,)
  14. WillCarney

    SOLD Withdrawn

    All withdrawn.
  15. Spitfire222

    Estes Pro Series II Doorknob Build

    Hi everyone, I’m a recent BAR, and I’ve been expanding my new fleet over the last few months. So far, I’ve only launched small low power rockets in local parks, but I’m slowly moving my way up the chain of engine sizes with the hope of making it to a club launch sometime in the near future to...
  16. lowga

    Best Way to Remove Waterslide Decals

    Found this Estes Citation Patriot at a flea market. In good shape--needing only a chute, new shock cord, and paint. Never had to remove waterslide decals before, but it seems warranted in this case. What's the best way to remove these decals without damaging the body tube? Thought I'd remove...
  17. bobbyg23

    Estes Saturn V #2157 buld thread

    I found this on facebook and picked it up for a good price. I will do a build thread on it. Can't wait to get started.
  18. Bungie64

    Wanted Estes Mammoth nose cone

    Anyone have an Estes Mammoth nose cone they are willing to sell me?
  19. hambirm2018

    Honest John

    Built this guy.
  20. Scott Chase

    Wanted 29mm Rocket Completed or Partially Completed

    I want to buy pre built 29mm rockets that are previously owned and launched or better yet prebuilt 29mm rockets that have not been launched. Also I would like to buy any new 29mm rocket kits or rockets you started to build and just never finished it. PLEASE NO ROCKETS THAT A DAMAGED IN ANY WAY...