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  1. lowga

    Estes Ghost Chaser

    Wanted to share some praise for the Estes Ghost Chaser Rocket. This is a relatively new kit from Estes, designed for first-time flyers. It features snap-together construction and quick assembly. Pictures don't really do it justice. In person, it's a very attractive rocket and larger than you...
  2. lowga

    Wanted Looking for Estes 1919 Honest John Kit or Built

    Looking for the Estes 1919 Honest John rocket which was sold from 1984-1988. 18mm with parachute recovery. One of the few times that a company chose to model the M50 version of this famous missile, rather than the more popular M31 with the larger fins. Would prefer an unbuilt kit but would...
  3. S

    Estes - Doorknob PSII (#9720) Gallery

    Just finished this Estes Doorknob. This was my first experience with Tamiya masking tape. It definitely lives up to the hype! It was a fun build and I can't wait to launch it. (It sucks that all Estes 29mm engines are on back order. I'll have to buy a casing,)
  4. WillCarney

    For Sale Withdrawn

    All withdrawn.
  5. Spitfire222

    Estes Pro Series II Doorknob Build

    Hi everyone, I’m a recent BAR, and I’ve been expanding my new fleet over the last few months. So far, I’ve only launched small low power rockets in local parks, but I’m slowly moving my way up the chain of engine sizes with the hope of making it to a club launch sometime in the near future to...
  6. lowga

    Best Way to Remove Waterslide Decals

    Found this Estes Citation Patriot at a flea market. In good shape--needing only a chute, new shock cord, and paint. Never had to remove waterslide decals before, but it seems warranted in this case. What's the best way to remove these decals without damaging the body tube? Thought I'd remove...
  7. bobbyg23

    Estes Saturn V #2157 buld thread

    I found this on facebook and picked it up for a good price. I will do a build thread on it. Can't wait to get started.
  8. Bungie64

    Wanted Estes Mammoth nose cone

    Anyone have an Estes Mammoth nose cone they are willing to sell me?
  9. hambirm2018

    Honest John

    Built this guy.
  10. Brian Johnson

    Wanted 29mm Rocket Completed or Partially Completed

    I want to buy pre built 29mm rockets that are previously owned and launched or better yet prebuilt 29mm rockets that have not been launched. Also I would like to buy any new 29mm rocket kits or rockets you started to build and just never finished it. PLEASE NO ROCKETS THAT A DAMAGED IN ANY WAY...
  11. K'Tesh

    Estes (Astron) Cherokee-D: Through the years 1970-1983

    I've been doing some research on this, one of my favorite rockets, for quite a while. And I've compiled the information from the catalogs in which it appeared (1970-1983). Also included is some info from the instructions I've sourced. The Astron Cherokee-D was introduced in 1970, the year...
  12. Professor_Mant

    Estes Rocketry Catalogs online

    I received an e-mail from Internet Archive Newsletter today that 55 old Estes catalogues have been uploaded to their website for all to peruse.
  13. Wm Reid

    Estes Partizon PSII Fin pdf

    Hello fellow rocketeers, I am new to the forum here and I was wondering if anyone had a pdf file of the Estes Partizon fin? I’m looking to scratch build one but I don’t have a clean copy of the fin. If no was has one, is there a good resource online to find one? Thanks, Reid
  14. Oscar G.

    Anybody Have Altitudes for Estes Alpha?

    Hey there everyone, I'm looking for an altitude chart of how high the estes alpha will fly (assuming no wind) On different estes motors. I'm trying to get as close to 240 ft as possible on an estes single use motor, and I have no idea which one to use. I know it's random, but here it is. Thanks!
  15. BRS Hobbies

    Estes gives you the chance to bring one rocket back. What would it be?

    The owner of Estes gives you the chance to bring one model rocket back into production. It has to be a previous release of an Estes model rocket but can be an upscale or downscale of the original design. What would you choose? If it sells really well, you will be given a choice to bring back...
  16. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    How Reliable are Estes Igniters?

    Hi everyone! So I have a bag full of estes ignitors and plugs that have not been used. I have read a ton of stories of them being crappy, and when I tried myself by hooking the leads to a controller, seemed very weak. Videos I've seen seem to show the Estes Igniters take a bit of time till it...
  17. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    TVC Hold Down Test CATO

    Hi everyone! I have decided to do a TVC hold down test recently which resulted in a CATO failure of the E 12-4 motor. The notorius Estes E-12 motors! I have gotten a ton of data from this test (especially the high speed footage) and can't wait to do more tests soon after I finish another TVC...
  18. J

    Vintage Estes and Centuri Kits

    Howdy gents, I just listed some very interesting and rare old birds to my Ebay. Please have look if you're interested. Estes Bomarc https://www.ebay.com/itm/264487834483 Centuri E.S.S. Raven (Super Kit) https://www.ebay.com/itm/264487801675 Centuri V2 1/40th scale...
  19. Bungie64

    Wanted Estes U.S.S. Andromeda

    In search of an Estes U.S.S. Andromeda. I am not interested in reproductions, only original Estes kit.
  20. wpjohn01

    Protostar upscale

    So, I am going to attempt a 4 inch version of an Estes protostar. I absolutely love the lines of this rocket, and want to build a steampunk upscale. However, I am in need of a 1:1 scan of the fin profile. If anyone could help me out, I’d appreciate it! Thanks in advance!