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  1. E

    Need Help Choosing a GPS Module For my Avionics

    I'm trying to decide between choices of GPS modules for my rocket avionics computer. (This computer is just for dual deployment recovery.) First thing to note is that the rocket I'm preparing this computer for will experience 18G of acceleration. I know that consumer-level GPS modules can't...
  2. BSNW

    Avionics Bay/Sled Build Thread?......Sure!

    Hello All- I was beginning a new build of an electronics bay for a custom Mac-Performance kit I got with a little Christmas spending money. When I got about 20% into, it I had the idea of doing a build thread. I don't ever remember seeing build thread for an avionics bay. Often people (me...
  3. E

    Supersonic Rocket Communications

    Hi, we are a rocketry team from TU Yildiz, Turkey. This year we are planning to compete in a 6km altitude rocketry competition, our rocket will reach supersonic speeds. Last year we made a subsonic rocket for 3km altitude that used HopeRF RFM98W 433MHz RF module (It worked fine.). We are aware...
  4. E

    What to watch out for? (Rocket Flight Computer)

    Hello, thank you for your time. We are building a rocket for an upcoming rocketry contest. We want to prepare for every possible problem in the avionics department. If you could list some of the problems you can think of down below that would be much appreciated. If possible please leave links...
  5. E

    Quectel L80

    Hello, thank you for paying attention. We are trying to switch to Quectel L80 GPS module from GY-NEO6MV2 for our rocket. The rocket will be a 1500m sounding rocket. GY-NEO GPS module has us worried because it doesnt easily connect to the satelites (At least in our experience so far.). Our...
  6. jddj

    SOLD Big Red Bee 70cm pkg

    Selling a Big Red Bee Beeline 70cm UHF transmitter + battery + SMA + charger/programmer package: The package from BigRedBee, including the 70cm TX, an SMA connector and straight antenna, LiPo battery and charger/programmer goes for $97 retail, at this writing. Throwing in a couple right-size...