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  1. tg08

    Altus Metrum EasyMini Not Registering

    Hey, I need help with my Altus Metrum EasyMini Altimeter. As stated in the title, my EasyMini isn't able to be connected to in my device manager. It is in idle mode, with a power switch, e-match, and battery connected. When I try to configure the altimeter, it doesn't show up on the selector...
  2. irami023

    TeleMega not working properly

    As part of our subscale eBay, we have a telemega that acts as a secondary flight computer. We fully charged it a week early and it had a green light. However, the day before our launch we go to check if it is working properly and battery hasn’t drained. The TeleMega light does not turn on at...
  3. KL2IE

    Unable to read configuration off of Altus Metrum EasyMini

    Hello All, I have a new EasyMini v3.0 dual deploy altimeter that I have been trying to read the configuration on and test. However, I can't seem to get AltOS read the altimeter even though it shows up in the menu. (See attached pictures.) For what it's worth, I'm running AltOS 1.9.12 which I...
  4. A

    Interconnecting ground station software??

    Recently I ordered an Eggtimer Quark and the associated telemetry module as well as a USB Dongle receiver(also from eggtimer) I chose this receiver because the handheld receiver seemed a bit small for my needs and I would prefer that the data be sent to my laptop through the USB Reciever...
  5. V

    Will a broken TeleMega still light up?

    Hi all I recently got my hands on some used TeleMegas and EasyMegas. I've been testing and some of them are good, some I'm not entirely sure. I have a few TeleMegas (oddly haven't seen this problem with EasyMegas) that won't show up on AltOS, nor make any beeps on startup. They only light up...
  6. Alby

    Yard Sale of Altus Metrum Stuff (TeleMetrum, EasyMini TeleBT)

    I'm selling my flight computer gear, as personal finance issues have created a need for cash. As a result I've put my TeleMetrum, EasyMini, and TeleBT up for sale on eBay. The highest bidder wins. I will not accept "I'll Buy It For X" offers. Please put in your highest offer on eBay, as I...
  7. samtc

    Problem installing Mac OS Altus Metrum for Easy Mini

    I installed the Altus Mac software on my MacBook Pro running Catalina with no issues. When I launch Altus, it errors out asking for Java 6. I tried to install the AdoptOpenJDK project but an install error stated there was a later version running. Where to from here? I went to the Altus site...
  8. S

    AltOS Fire Igniter Trouble

    I am having an issue to where when I try to fire the igniter through the software and it is not firing despite it saying it is ready. I do the arming and firing sequence correctly as well as in I arm and then fire it well before the countdown goes to zero. I'm using the MJG Fire initiator wires...
  9. K

    TeleMega/TeleDongle Communication - Range Issues

    Firstly, I apologize if this has been posted before, but I've been unable to find anything related to my issue. Shoot me a link if a thread exists. I'm currently experimenting with a ground station that will be communicating to a TeleMega v3.0 on a rocket that will fly to approx. 30k ft. I am...