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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowpuller View Post

    What investments are you in? ����
    I had Nortel for a while and I did also invest in the company "100% Beef" * and Zorg industries is doing rather well!

    I found it amazing how many trump & Clinton posts I / we got, despite the US elections being merely a spectator sport for us.. And of course, those all lead into our own political beliefs. I also had vowed, as a friend also did, to start calling people on their posts. The ones that posted / forwarded garbage without checking the validity of the post, nor even asking "is this really true"... That seemed to generate a bit of hate from actual friends..

    I must admit, I do miss the pin-up & 'suicide' girls and certain other pretty ladies that came thru my feed. Kay Morgan I'll probably miss the most!

    * urban myth, that a meat processing company was called / would sell a 'beef like product' under the name "100% beef" so that advertisers could get away with saying they used "100% beef"..


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    I only check my page couple/three times a week. Just to keep up on family members.
    Or if I come across a link to a rocket related page.
    I occasionally will use the local sales page, but have no luck with that.
    I did spend quite a bit of time on Facebook each prior to the election, making my views clear.
    Have a few friends that message me once in a while.
    I could easily do without it, but my son and his family live and work on Mt. Hood and he posts some mighty fine pics sometimes.
    As for all the junk on it, I just scroll past it with no interest.
    Apogee has a daily thing on their page. If I think about it, I'll go see what it is.
    I do not belong to any other social think like tweater, or the like.

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    I love reading about the politics of the day on FB. I enjoy the diarrhea that comes out of peoples mouth. Remember if it is on the internet it is 100% true!!! LOL

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